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February 22nd, 2008

09:52 am - It's about time

I can't believe it's still coming down!  There's probably about six inches already and it's still snowing hard!  I love it, I've waited all year for this.  I've spent the morning cozy with kitties in my bed.  I made some coffee and graded a bunch of papers and that's about all I've accomplished.  It's really nice to just lay around and watch the snow come down, something I may have taken for granted a year ago.  Oh how I love my days off.  Later on I'm heading in to meet Damien for some Olive Garden lunch and then we may head up to the Cloisters to enjoy the prettiness.  I'm in a good mood.  

Other thoughts:

While at Whole Paycheck Foods yesterday I realized how difficult it is to buy local produce.  Everything is shipped from across the country or from halfway around the world which is silly and wasteful, but I guess unavoidable.  Of course it's going to be more difficult to find local stuff in the middle of winter.  Still, there was nothing local to be found!  I bought potatoes from Montana!  At least Whole Foods tells you where the stuff is coming from.  

I hate grading papers.  When I became a teacher, I expected this to be a rather mindless task that I would enjoy.  Oh no, I have come to detest it.  Sometimes it is entirely depressing.  Occasionally, though, if it's an essay or an open response of some kind, it can be hilarious what the kids come up with to write.  I'll have to remember to post some of the better examples in here.  Some are seriously too funny to be imagined.  

Yesterday I bought a Spanish dictionary and some practice CDs in preparation for Costa Rica!  I can't wait.  

Only two and a half weeks until Damien leaves for Argentina.  I will be a lonely girl.

Things I still need to accomplish before the break is over:
 -making myself some long overdue doctors appointments
-taking cats to vet for shots
-mucho school stuff.  I recently was put on this committee.  Why they decided to stick a first year teacher on this committee I don't know, although I expect that it's because I'm always there around 6:30am anyway.  It just meand, more work for me though, as if I wasn't completely drowning in it anyway.  
-Laundry. Ick.

Things to look forward to:
-two more days of sleeping in
-brunch on Sunday with teacher friends
-Costa Rica

Ok, I need to get a move on.  Next order of business: lesson plans. 'Nuff said.  


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07:28 am - SNOW

Wahooo! Finally!  And no school!!

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February 20th, 2008

01:36 pm - Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back.

It has been two years, I think, since I wrote in this thing.  Maybe it's because I have a week off from school and I'm bored, maybe it's because I feel like my life has changed a lot in the past year, but I feel like "journaling" again. It probably won't be that interesting, but nobody reads this anyway, but it's more an outlet for my thoughts.

It's so nice to not wake up early this week.  I've spent a lot of time snuggling with kitties, cleaning the house, and watching movies.  Today I've been thinking about the New Year's resolutions I haven't really started on yet, but hey-now's as good a time as any.  Besides, isn't the lunar new year coming up or something? Maybe that counts. Anyway, here I go:

-No more meat. I don't eat much anyway, but I want to cut it out again for good.  Lately, Damien and I have been reading a lot about the enormous environmental impact of meat production.  It's phenomenal how much water, carbon emissions, and petroleum goes into (or come out of) making a hamburger.

-Living more simply in general.  I've gotten into the horrible habit of driving to work.  It's shameful.  But it takes three trains to get there and I always have armloads of stuff!  I've got to work on this one.  Ideally, I'd like to get a bike this spring, but the thought of riding on the streets of Brooklyn is a little scary.  Driving is like running the gauntlet as it is.  But overall, I just want to live up to my own moral standards, if that makes sense.  I've just gotten kinda lazy about using the heat, leaving lights on sometimes, spending more money than I need to little things like that.

-Back to the gym to loose the fifteen pounds I think I've gained since I started teaching. I want to try to do another triathalon in the fall. 

-More outdoor adventures. We just returned from one with our friends Brendan and Melanie, but every other weekend or so sounds about perfect to me.

-Learn some Spanish. For Costa Rica and to aide in communicating with non-English speaking parents.

-Make more time for my own hobbies that I miss! Reading, running, knitting, pictures, music, I will be back! This means I may have to leave PS282 before six o'clock.  Which would be a good thing.

Ok, that's it for now. More to come on the trials and tribulations of teaching fifth grade in a public school.  It's eating my soul a little bit.  Hope everyone in LJ world is well!

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September 4th, 2005

10:08 pm
Whoo. A year almost to the day since I last wrote in this thing. Mainly because I now use Myspace. My new blog stuff is at www.myspace.com/kimplus and the band site is www.myspace.com/manplus. Now peace oot, eh.

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September 5th, 2004

08:09 pm - ...so I'm watching the weather channel
Does anyone actually read my poor, loney little Livejournal anymore?? Well my children, here is what is new with me: I started my job with Washington Conservation Corps on Monday, and so far it is great. I love it. The people are awesome, they are totally chill. My boss is cool, too. Tuesday I learned how to drive a backhoe. Here is the most exciting news: This week I am being sent to Florida for emergency response for the hurricanes. I can't wait to get down there already and check things out. I mean, how often do you get to do something like that? I am pumped. I am tired of just waiting around to get the word that we are leaving, though. We are mostly all moved in to the new house. Sort of. I have spent the weekend continuing to clean and put stuff away in the new place. I have also been hanging out with Ellen and Jared, which is great. Ok, that's all for now. I have to get back to watching the weather channel, just like Sheryl Crow.
Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: Mirah- courtesey of Ellen

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August 19th, 2004

11:56 am - So I've been busy...
I know you've all been dying to know what's been going on with me. It's been awhile. Let's see, where to start. I am officially graduated!! I have a degree! I got my diploma in the mail and everything and they can't take it back! This is FINALLY the last week at my internship. I am glad to be done, but I will miss Bronwyn and Jessemine and the other people I work with. I hate the YMCA, fortunately I got out of working there all summer and I am never going back because I got a job! Yeah! It will be nice to finally have some cash flow. My parents will be glad too.

Other stuff that has happened over the summer: The ex-BF came back. Things sort of worked then didn't. We are trying to be "friends" (yeah right). I got really sick with a nasty staph infection that started in my hands. My jeep got stolen from the "secure" garage at my apartment. I am going home in a few days to pick up the car that my parents bought to replace it. It is a subaru. I am so sad about my jeep, but this might be a better deal... I have great parents.

The roomies and I are moving into a house this weekend. I am so stressed. Moving is such a pain in the ass. But it will be fun to live in a house, and it is right behind the U-village, so that's cool, but I will desperately miss Capitol Hill and karaoke nights at the Comet Tavern. I start my new job on the 30th. It is an Americorps position with the Wash. State Department of Ecology. So not only do I get a paycheck, I will get a $4700 educational award at the end of the term. That will definitely go toward those lovely student loans. Hopefully, too, there will be some hot guys in carharts for me to work with.

So my summer has been busy, but not too exciting. I only made it rafting once, but I think we are finally going to make it camping soon.

Ok, that's all for now. I swear I'm going to be better about updating this thing. Peace out, yo.
Current Mood: stressedstressed
Current Music: Modest Mouse

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May 26th, 2004

10:46 am - ACCIDENT!
Ok, well it wasn't quite as bad as I just made it sound. Yesterday, possibly one of the top 5 worst days of my life, Lori, Michelle and I were headed out to dinner to celebrate Michelle getting a job! We were on Pike about 2 blocks W of the Police Station, right behind Broadway when BAM! We were hit from behind! My bike rack went through my back window, sprayed glass everywhere, etc, etc. I was stunned for a few moments, then we thought the woman was driving off, but she was just really going to find a parking lot.

Dijuana, the woman who hit us was very sorry indeed. However, she did not want us to call the police because she was in fact driving with a suspended liscence, and no insurance. Lori, the probation officer, insisted that we had to call in the Popo's so I did. When they didn't show up for like 25 min, Dijuana and I walked up the street to the precinct. Dijuana's boyfriend was not happy with us. He said they would both be going to jail if we called the cops, and he kept calling Lori, "Perry Mason." Dijuana's daughter Essence, was wailing this whole time.

At the precinct we were briskly instructed to fill out a collision report and give it to our insurance companies. Then Dijuana gave me a hug, (hug number two actually, because we have become fast friends as a result) and took off. Lori reminded the dispatcher man at the precinct that the woman had no insurance, a suspended liscence, etc, then he got all riled up (as if I hadn't told him that over the phone earlier) and said that we should send a car up to her house to give her a citation, yada, yada, yada. It also turned out that the liscence plate wasn't registered to that particular car. So we had to wait in the precinct for approximately one hour while the popo's ran back and forth, and FINALLY looked at my car and our minor injuries and filed an accident report. Which is really all I cared about in the first place.

Then the kindly officers suggested that we should probably go get looked at at the hospital. Why the hell not, I'm sure I've probably already gone way over my deductable to day so sure. So we proceeded to the Emergency Room at Virginia Mason, where we all three were checked in, and given the fancy bracelets.

Michelle sprained her wrist, all three of us have whiplash (duh) and I banged my knee up on the steering wheel. Don't ask me how. We are obviously quite fine, except that we are pretty sore, and I have no car, and no time to deal with this bullshit right now. I am also highly dissapointed that they didn't give me a neck brace or anything (although I did get this weird massage from the doctor). Lame. Then we went to McDonalds for dinner at 10:00pm, where I got a salad, just so I could get one of those stepper, step counter things, which also turned out to be lame.

It was all, in all a pretty crappy, but entertaining, none the less, day. Fragmented scentence right there.

Martin out.
Current Mood: soresore

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May 4th, 2004

08:56 am - Quick Update
Arg! Life is stressful, but pretty good I think. I have a ton of stuff to do, school is killing me slowly. My birthday and Sarah's birthday are both this week! Yay! Vance is back in town. (that was meant to be read to the tune of "The boys are back in town") which is kinda a pain in the ass. Check out this scary terrorist-like picture of me at my internship:


Peace out.
Current Mood: anxiousanxious

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April 18th, 2004

07:40 pm - Ok, Fine, I'll do it too...
15 years ago, I:
1. was in first grade at Poly Drive Elementary School
2. spent most of that year in an isolated desk called "Lonesomeville" because I was overly extroverted.
3. was best friends Katie Matus and Whitney Shephard
4. played a canary in "Alice and Wonderland." I had one line.
5. had my birthday party at Family Farm. What a cool place.

10 Years Ago, I:
1. was eleven years old
2. was in Mrs. Hagedorn's sixth grade class where I had several altercations with the PE/Health teacher, Mr. Verlanic. He was fired after that year.
3. Carlie Brown punched me in the face and broke my glasses. That crazy bitch. She reminded me of Miss Piggy.
4. was in the play "Babes in Toyland" and durning one performance Shane Waldron, a toy soldier, passed out and had a seizure right on top of me.
5. found out I have atrial septal defect, and almost had to have open heart surgery.

5 Years Ago, I:
1. was a Junior at Billings Senior High School
2. gave a stunning performance as Beauty in "The Enchantment of Beauty and the Beast" also starring Michael Stockdale.
3. did weird spells in my backyard with Craig, Ellen, and Jared. God, were we creepy.
4. played for the Pug Mahon's softball team and was in love with Brandon Naasz, blech!
5. had a drama filled year, with some of my best friends to date

3 Years Ago, I:
1. was a freshman at Seattle University
2. hated my roommate who talked baby talk to her boyfriend in Hawaii EVERY NIGHT until like 1:00am
3. met Leah, Michelle, Lori, Adam Hobbins, and Sam Fox, all great friends
4. went on a crazy road trip to Canada with Meghan and Amanda
5. survived a 7.3 earthquake that rocked Seattle, haha, I love it.

2 years ago, I:
1. was a sophomore at Seattle University
2. was dating the cowboy, Cole Barnett
3. was rowing for SU crew
4. had a fabulous and freakin' hilarious roommate, Sarah Wyant
5. got my poor, innocent roommate Sarah drunk for her first time ever, after she turned 21.

1 Year Ago, I:
1. was counting down the days until I turned 21
2. was getting ready to move OFF campus with Lori and Michelle
3. had an enginerd boyfriend, who has since moved to New Hampshire
4. quit rowing
5. was getting ready to study abroad in Ireland with Leah

Yesterday, I:
1. was a site lead at a Wetland Sanctuary restoration project
2. had hamburgers with Jamie, Meryl, Gabby, Laura, and Craig
3. went to see "Kill Bill V. 2" with the same people
4. easily identified Blackberyy, Scotts Broom, and Canary Reed grass
5. was awakened at 3:30 am (I guess that's actually today) by Michelle bringing some boy home

Today, I:
1. caught for my winning softball team, WTF Mate!!!
2. went to Costco, Trader Joe's, and Safeway by myself
3. cleaned the bathroom and did some laundry
4. am in a pretty bad mood
5. am going to mass in about 50minutes

Tomorrow, I:
1. have to finish the homework I am currently not doing
2. have to go to Tacoma to sing in a choir festival
3. have to learn music for the aforementioned festival
4. will watch "The Inferno" on MTV if I am home in time. Oh, I am a sad person.
5. will probably not sleep well

5 Snacks I Enjoy:
1. Chex Mix
2. tortillas
3. yogurt and granola
4. diet pepsi,not coke, becuase Coca Cola kills people in Colombia or something like that...
5. pumpkin scones

5 Games I Like:
1. Scattegories
2. Pinochle
3. Cranium
4. Trivial Pursuit
5. Monopoly

5 Things I'd Buy With $1000:
1. a dog
2. a plane ticket to Africa or Australia or maybe back to Ireland
3. rent at a cute house with a yard
4. new air conditioning for my jeep
5. an iPOD. I have simple wishes

Top 5 Musicians Lately:
1. The Frames
2. Damien Rice
3. Rosie Thomas
4. Portishead
5. Leona Naess

5 Things I'm Wearing:
1. navy blue courdaroy pants
2. orange longsleeve t-shirt
3. purple and green chacos
4. french braids
5. pink underwear-sorry, I was out of other clothing and accessories

5 Bad Habits I Have
1. holding things inside
2. sometimes not calling people out on the things they do that piss me off or hurt my feelings.
3. Being really bitchy just for the sake of being a bitch
(Boy, I sure sound like a fun person, huh!?!) Don't worry, Ellen, I too do this.
4. procrastinate
5. worry about things. A lot.

5 Interests at the moment:
1. Graduating
2. What the hell am I going to do after I graduate?
3. my internship
4. Vance coming back. It is scary.
5. hmm. I really like my conditioning class

5 TV Shows I Like:
1. Law & Order
2. Everwood
3. Space Ghost
4. Airport
5. ER

5 Places I've Lived:
1. Billings, MT
2. Seattle, WA
3. Laurel, MT for a month or two when I was a baby
4. Allihies, Cork, Ireland
Thats it, and Ireland was only for a summer.

My Top 5 Biggest Worries at the Moment:
1. I have no money
2. what to do with myself
3. the project for my internship
4. getting all my school stuff done
5. Vance coming back

My Top 5 Biggest Joys at the Moment:
1. winning the softball game today!!
2. getting to go to the tulip festival
3. not striking out in the softball game today
4. my birthday is coming, but I don't feel extremely joyous about that
5. my parents are coming this weekend
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
Current Music: none

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April 10th, 2004

06:14 pm - A-ring a ding time, birds sing, hey ding!
Yay! It's spring time finally and I haven't updated my LJ in forever. Lori and I just got back from going to the Skagitt Valley Tulip Fest with our other buddy Danielle. I have always wanted to go. It was so pretty! Feilds of all these different colored tulips (which are my favorite) and all these weird kinds I have never seen before! We brought thirty home with us! We had lunch in this great little town. And later, on the way home we got ice cream from the DQ.

Tomorrow we are going to this huge "Keg and Egg" Party where one of Brian's friends goes all out and wears a bunny suit and hides eggs and stuff in the park and then it is a drunken free-for-all to find the eggs. Then we have rabbit stew. It is the secular way to celebrate Easter.

Then we will head over to our friend Hanni, Danielle's boyfriend's house for brunch and more eating. Then we might go kayaking. It is a great weekend so far. Life is good. Happy Easter.
Current Mood: happyhappy

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